Professional exercise, health care professions

Doctors, pharmacists, physiotherapists, nurses and other healthcare practitioners are subject to specific rules concerning the exercise of their profession. The  government  also  has specific rules and procedures necessary for the compliance with particular rules. The law firm advises and guides those professional practitioners with problems concerning their degree, title, recognition, etc. Aid is also required in the field of specific regulations for reimbursement of medical provisions. 

The office leads procedure in front of deontological and administrative organs as well as legal procedures in front of administrative, criminal or civil courts, as a result of problems concerning the nomenclature, or way of exercising the profession. The office also acts, for the same procedures, in cases of liability claims or violation of disciplinary or legal rules.

Professional practitioners, such as doctors, often need contractual or structural legal guidelines for the exercise of their profession, in the framework/under the form for instance of an association or of a company. The office advises those professional practitioners with the drawing up and the elaboration of contracts and/or statutes.

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