For everyone who contributes
    to a fantastic healthcare

    For everyone who contributes to a fantastic healthcare

    By focusing on the Belgian healthcare system, Law firm Callens is a full-fledged conversation partner for parties providing high quality healthcare on the supply side of the health sector.

    Healthcare institutions and healthcare providers

    We provide our services to:
    • Hospitals and hospital networks
    • Institutions for seniors and people with disabilities
    • Public, private and commercial initiatives
    • Liberal professionals
    • Investors in healthcare

    The pharmaceutical and biotech sector

    • Manufacturers, distributors and importers
    • Generic and branded medicines

    The sector of medical equipment and devices

    • Manufacturers
    • Distributors and importers

    Healthtech and eHealth

    • Developers
    • Local distributors/licensees

    Private equity in healthcare

    How can Law firm Callens help you?

    For advice

    For negotiations / legal disputes

    Work proactively and avoid problems  

    Achieve a strong position when enter into closing agreements or in case of legal disputes before court